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You being less does not make the world a better place.

Are you tired of not being the person you want to be?

Are you saying ‘Yes’, when you mean ‘No’? Finding yourself stuck between what you feel and what you think you should feel. Putting others’ needs before your own?

If you pay attention to your body, are you feeling much other than aches and pains? Like you are disassociated at times?

And yet your mind is constantly chattering away and categorising everything you and others do into ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Do you have a strong inner critic, always nagging and judging?

Do you find silence and inactivity excruciating? Always needing stimuli, be it phone, work, working out or screen?

Have you tried meditation and mindfulness, yet still find no peace throughout your day?

Do you have good days, where you are bright, joyful and fun? However, they seem to come randomly with no rhyme or reason. And when they go, you are left drained with the words “I can’t” at the forefront of your mind.

Waking up tired and going to bed wired is something you are all too familiar with. You know that there must be a reason for why you are the way you are, but you just don’t have the time or energy to find out.

Until now.

Now you have had enough. Something has changed. You are ready to find the answers and take the action to finally live the life you are capable of living, not the one your life’s circumstances has left you with.

Well, let me tell you, you are not alone. And you being less does not make others more.


You being less keeps everyone stuck in negative patterns

In the 21st century we are sleeping less, working more, breathing incredibly badly, and communicating poorly.

Sitting most of the day, eating food that is less than optimal nutrition, drinking too much to stay social, taking recreational drugs to numb or move stuck emotions, neglecting time in nature in favour of staring at screens searching for validation.

Sound familiar?

It should because even if you’re doing just a few of these things you are representative of the majority in the age of information and technology, and the world as a whole is suffering because of it.

The 21st century is an incredible time to be alive, but so many people are suffering unnecessarily because their teachers and parents, through no fault of their own, were not equipped to teach what we need to survive and thrive in this epoch of technological advancement.

We are a point in our history where we need warriors, healers, poets and mystics. Not to live in far flung caves and jungles, but to walk our city streets in suits and jeans, on skateboards and scooters.

We need people to be able to love themselves so they can love others. To heal themselves, so they can heal others. To face their demons, so the demons of others do not scare them. And to speak their truth, so that they give permission for others to speak theirs.

If you are here looking at this, then I am guessing you are ready to move to that next stage. You might have the will, but lack the skills. You might have the skills, but can’t find the path. Whatever your story, welcome to your turning point.

You being empowered, empowers others.

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 Learn the skills you need to overcome your internal saboteurs, create long lasting positive shifts in behaviour and thrive in the 21st century.

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I would recommend working with Scott to anyone who wishes to improve any aspect of its life, solve an specific problem, change a habit (or plenty) and doesn’t know where to begin…

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Scott quickly helped me to identify my short, medium and long term goals and gave me the tools i needed to prioritise my work load and overcome my fear of delegation.

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Scott has taught me to examine the underlying beliefs and fears which have lain at the root of some of my difficulties.

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How I work and what to expect.

I empower you to step into your fullness through mapping your nervous system, so you know exactly why you are feeling what you are feeling and so that you have choice over your state rather than being a slave to it. For every client this has been a game changer.

By helping you understand your relationship dynamics you can free yourself from the patterns that often hold you back from experiencing the love you truly desire as well as having deep and healthy friendships.

Applying cutting edge research from the neuroscience of change can be massively impactful by showing you the ‘why’ to your behaviours. And alongside this knowledge comes compassion for self and others, and most crucially, the tools to make lasting changes, not just while working with me, but for the rest of your life.

Throughout our work together you will deepen your understanding of yourself through the use of embodiment techniques. And learn to use your body as your guide.

These techniques build present moment awareness of your state and your habitually embodied traits. This will give you choice. The option to choose a different response in any given situation, thereby repatterning your undesired ways of being.

All of these modalities help you to take control back, and become that person who can respond and not react. i.e under stress, in an argument, before you ‘lose’ your temper. So you become more confident, are able to say ‘no’ and set healthy boundaries, feel your emotions and recognise the warnings they are trying to tell you, sleep better and be better at what you love and with who you love.


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